2400 TL
This relaxing bath cleanses and refreshes guests with time-honoured methods. After relaxing on the heated platform, a bath attendant will apply a handwoven kese fiber cloth for a scrub, then a foam bath at the water basins. You will leave the warm room feeling reborn.
1500 TL
Our little guests accompanying their mothers or fathers may also enjoy the hammam experience. We apply special methods and use a softer toucher specifically for children to protect their sensitive skin and introduce them to the hammam.
0 TL
Bringing your baby to the bath with you is a memorable experience. Your baby will be washed on your lap and under your supervision. We do not recommend scrubbing his or her sensitive skin. You may want to consult with your doctor about any risk of slipping or from the heat.


2800 TL
Entrust yourself to expert hands for a restorative head-to-toe massage after your bath. You may also enjoy a massage without the bath, when you simply need a relaxing treatment.
4300 TL
An intense, effective technique that focuses on muscles, tendons and other deep tissue is applied. Unlike relaxing massages, more intense pressure is used on the muscle fibres to relieve tension and pain in hard-to-reach places. This is effective in treating conditions such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress and movement limitation.
3100 TL
Athletes can improve their performance and support their training and recovery with this special massage. It will help to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness caused by exercise, relieve muscle tension and support the healing process of minor injuries.
1950 TL
You can also opt for a shorter massage that focuses on a problem area of your body. Your therapist will relieve stress points, applying different movements and pressure levels.
1950 TL
Pressure is applied to the sole of the foot and up to the ankle, leg muscles and knee area. This treatment relieves the stress and fatigue of daily life, relaxes the leg and foot muscles, increases circulation and provides relaxation throughout the body.
*VAT included.
**We offer a 5% discount on payments made in cash. Euros, dollars and lira are all accepted.
***We accept most credit cards other than American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend our guests make a reservation. Those without one may have to wait in line. You can quickly make your reservation here.

We recommend making your reservation one week in advance.

Should you have to cancel your reservation, we request that you do so at least 48 hours in advance.

You can make a reservation on our WhatsApp line (+90 212 393 80 10), via email or at our website. 

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